Dentists in Worcester park says the importance offearly diagnosis of oral cancer

Oral cancer begins always asymptomatic, there for its diagnosis is very difficult.
Oral cancer in the early stage can be successfully treated .The early diagnosis and it’s management is very important Any abnormal changes in the mouth, tongues, gums or the surrounding area needs immediate attention
It is important to remember that not always the signs signify cancer. It can be due to some other oral conditions also. The patient will complain of pain in the mouth. Moving the jaw and the mouth will be difficult. The patient will have problems in chewing and swallowing. There will be a bump in the neck .The person will complain of bleeding from the ear and there will be numbness in the particular area also some white or red patches in the mouth are noted

For a confirmative diagnosis the Worcester park dentist advice the patient should visit his dentist and if necessary your dentist will refer you to an Oncologist. They both will examine the mouth and evaluate the past medical history and plan the treatment. If the symptoms doesn’t subside with in fourteen days a biopsy will be performed to conform the diagnosis, A positive biopsy and clinical findings say about the stage of the disease , eventually spread other areas of mouth and organ making it secondary cancers with serious consequences .Other additional tests are x-ray, CT scan and MRI scan. THE treatment is decided based on the diagnostic test.
How can we prevent oral cancer?
The professionals in Worcester park say the best solution is leading a healthy life style. Eat a variety of green and yellow fruit and vegetables. Smoking is the most common cause of oral cancer. The risk is the same those who eat tobacco, pan etc. Drinking alcohol poses a big risk in mouth cancer; alcohol helps the tobacco to absorb in to the mouth. Avoiding excess sun can prevent lip cancer. Get medical attention in case of an ulcer, red or white patches if it does’ clear in 2-3weeksand have a regular dental check up and during the clinic visit it is very important to tell the patient about the advantages of having a regular check up.