Dentists in Shepperton help patients access the facts about the use of fluoride

Many years ago dental scientists determined that the chemical known as fluoride could have beneficial uses when it came to the oral health of dental patients. But ever since them the subject has been dogged by controversy, claims and counter-claims. By talking to your Shepperton dentist you will be able to cut through the hyperbole and access the facts about the use of fluoride. Then you will be able to make an informed decision based on what you have heard.

The primary benefit of fluoride in dentistry is that if your teeth are exposed to it, it will strengthen your enamel. Enamel coats all of your teeth, helps to stop cavities developing and protects the sensitive interiors of your teeth from becoming damaged by the intrusion of plaque and outside elements. As such, fluoride is added to many tooth pastes and has even been supplemented into the water supply in many areas of the world, including parts of the United Kingdom.

But some say that fluoride is damaging to your health. This is partly based on the existence of a condition called dental fluorosis which is what happens when a human is over exposed to fluoride. Dentists on the whole agree that fluoride is a perfectly safe and beneficial substance and the quantities needed to bring on a bout of fluorosis are rather large and unlikely to occur at all. However, children who are under two years of age should not use fluoride in their tooth paste.

The decision is yours and there are tooth pastes which are available that contain no fluoride. If your area has fluoride in the water then you can always choose to drink bottled water instead.