Dental Veneers the Surbiton way

The dental veneer treatment can usually be done in two visits to your Surbiton dentist, spread over 6 weeks. These visits will be completely thorough and may need many hours of scrutiny, and tooth readying. Dental clinics in Surbiton generally are equipped with conveniences such as audio/visual entertainments, sedation dentistry, and even relaxing massages to make you unwind and be at ease. The scrutiny stage of the dental veneer process is very important; it detects any dental health problems that should be dealt with prior to commencing treatment. Moreover, your dentist will help you out in choosing a tooth shade that suits you from a particular colour chart. Imaging equipment can give you a preview of the desired results, and by looking at before and after pictures, you can conclude how successful other cases were. After the scrutiny phase comes to a close and the made to order plan devised, treatment commences.
There are a number of steps involved in the procedure. In the first place, your dentist most probably will give you a local anaesthetic to allow you to be more relaxed during tooth preparation and while the veneer is applied. Then your tooth is made ready by modestly redesigning it to offer optimal fit. The tooth then is re-contoured by employing a tiny hand operated rotational cutting appliance known as a bur. Burs are available in diverse sizes and shapes and make it possible for a tooth to be accurately and moderately shaped before veneer application.
After that, your dentist will take your teeth’s impression from which a mould of the mouth will be created. This impression might be dispatched to an external dental laboratory so that the dental veneers can be expertly made. Quite a few dentists have an on-site dental research lab and technicians, with the help of which restorative and cosmetic materials like veneers may be created in a lesser time span. In other instances, the dental clinics are equipped with CAD/CAM technology and may construct the veneer in a single appointment.