Dental Surgery in Surrey

When we think of the words ‘dental surgery’, we can be forgiven for thinking it’s the building in Surrey where we go to be administered pain! But the actual term refers more to the procedures surrounding dentistry that involve some form of reconstruction to the teeth, gums and jaws- this can also extend to facial reconstruction. There are four main areas that dentists specialise. Periodontics specialises in structures and diseases that affect our teeth and the treatment and rebuilding. Orthodontic treatment covers such issues and teeth alignment by the use of braces, dental implants and tooth extraction. Endodontics concerns itself with everything inside the tooth as well a root canal treatment, but probably Prosthodontics is the most common field that people can relate to as it deals with the cosmetic side of dentistry covering everything false from bridges, veneers, crowns, implants to dentures. All of these involve some form of rebuilding so the treatment you get from one of these professionals can be quite intricate and technical. This has been aided by the advances in technology that has seen the introduction of lasers, computers and digital imaging which has greatly help to refine procedures. Of course, there are also many others arms to dental surgery as well that your run of the mill dentist that carries out from fillings to sedation. One thing is for sure- you are in safe hands.