Dental Plaque in Weybridge

We all like to smile and bare our teeth at some point during the day and if we get a kiss too….bonus. A Weybridge dentist explains that the essence of having good teeth relies on us being aware of how to care for our mouths and of having an understanding of bad oral hygiene. There are many causes of tooth decay and one of the major players in this field is plaque. Plaque is thought to form a defence against invasive bacteria that attacks the teeth and gums. It will leave a soft film on the teeth which can easily be removed by brushing or scraping. But plaque, if allowed to develop, can lead to many problems. It can absorb proteins and bacteria. If left more than a couple of days, the plaque will harden into tartar which will then have to be removed by the dentist. Plaque can also lead to gingivitis which affects gum tissue and more seriously periodontisis, which attacks the tooth’s supporting bone and forms pockets between the tooth and the tissue, this pocketing can be found in fifty percent of adults. In short, if untreated, then you will lose your teeth. The first signs of problems are bad breath, a foul taste and pus or blood leaking from the gums- not good for kissing! A dentist will advise on how to check the problem and identify the causes. The old enemies of smoking and drinking are primary causes of plaque, but diabetes, diet and a low immune system can also contribute. Prevention is the best form of attack. Brushing and flossing with a suitable brush and a good mouth wash (even warm salt water) will keep the mouth healthy, but an understanding of diet and drinks being consumed can also heighten the awareness of the causes of plaque.