Dental Phobias should be a thing of the past, says a Worcester Park dentist

A dental phobia is like all phobias, it is an inconvenience. However, unlike most other common phobias it is also a damaging one, says a Worcester Park dentist. To be so afraid of the dentist that you never visit, will lead to all sorts of problems with our mouths, gums and teeth. It is amazing how people will suffer repeated tooth pain and discomfort by allowing this phobia to keep them from dental treatment. Some scientists and behaviour specialists are convinced it is an inherited gene, if your parents had the phobia, then the chances of you having it are quite high. There is actually no need for it; there are centres all over the country that cure all sorts of phobias. We know about the common ones; snakes, rats, spiders and birds in flight being just a few, but these are avoidable without any permanent consequences. The dental surgery today is a tranquil and pain-free zone; they even have a gel now that wipes on the gums to stop the feel of the needle. The needles by the way are now ultra thin anyway, there is no longer a stinging sensation when the anaesthetic is injected into the gums…are you still conscious? Of course you are. You really shouldn`t let an age old fear get the better of you like that. To overcome this fear see your dentist and explain the situation, many now offer a mild sedative before your visit or even better; hypnosis to help you. The rewards are really good as well, healthier teeth and less dental problems. If people can overcome their phobias by going to the zoo and handling a snake, rat or spider, or spend a day in a flight simulator to overcome their fear of flying, then you can get over your dental phobia.