Dental Pain Treated in Kingston Upon Thames

When you have dental pain, visit your Kingston Upon Thames Dental Clinic and get the help you need immediately. Your Kingston Upon Thames dentist will alleviate your dental pain, which possibly occurred as a result of neglect over the years. Pulpal injury to the tooth, problems involving the tooth’s surrounding structures, and tooth sensitivity are the most common causes of dental pain. If caught early enough, pulpal problems may be reversed, unless decay progresses into the pulp; then a root canal is required. Pain from pulpal injury can be caused by sweets, touch, and abrupt temperature changes. If the surrounding tissues are involved, for instance, an abscess. This needs to be addressed by your Kingston Upon Thames dentist and drained and cleaned. If not treated, more severe problems will arise. Your Kingston Upon Thames dentist can relieve your dental pain by: 1) filling your tooth; 2) performing endodontics; 3) performing periodontal cleaning and/or surgery; and/or, 4) extracting the involved tooth. When the problem is treated, the pain should subside in a day or so. Antibiotics and mild pain medication may be required.