Dental Implants; the facts and the advantages of permanent false teeth by a Surrey dentist

Dental Implants were developed in the 1950s with the first operation being carried out in Sweden in 1964, says a Surrey dentist. They really are a revolution in dental care, and a real alternative for clients who really don`t get on with, or want dentures. They are a false tooth in all the right tones of what a false tooth is, in that I mean they aren`t a natural tooth. In the far past they were made of sea shells, ivory and in some cases they were actual real animal teeth. Thankfully today they are made from a porcelain material that feels and looks like a real tooth, right down to the colour and texture. Firstly your dentist will take digital photos of your teeth and from these a dental technician will make the tooth, and the plate that it fixes into. The plate is made from Titanium which is a non-ferrous metal which won`t rust. This is screwed into the jaw bone and allowed to settle in for a few months, the original experiments showed that this metal fuses with the bone and becomes part of it. The plate has a fixing in it, this will take a stem that is screwed in and glued. Onto this stem is fixed the false tooth. It is literally just slid on and glued. It is made to blend in with your other teeth, and for all intents and purposes it will act, feel and wear just like a real tooth. For patients that want a false tooth with all the usual maintenance this method is just the ticket, once in it can be forgotten about. All your usual dental oral routines can be performed on the implant to keep it pristine, and tartar free.