Dental check ups with Molesey dentists: The best way to keep your teeth healthy

Good oral hygiene will allow you to eat, drink and talk with ease and smile with confidence too. At home you ought to be in the routine of brushing and flossing so that the maximum amount of plaque is removed from your teeth, thereby lessening the risks of dental decay and gum disease. But your dentist needs to play an important part in your oral hygiene too. After all, they are experts in all matters pertaining to your teeth and gums and so it is only right that you allow them to examine your mouth every so often.

Six months is the usually recommended time that you should go between visits to your dentist, unless directed otherwise. When you see your dentist they will give your mouth a thorough examination for signs of things that you might not be able to spot at home. With their special equipment, not to mention expertise, they can notice things like gum disease or dental decay in their early stages so that the problem can be dealt with.

The fact is that many dental problems are really rather easy to sort out if they are caught early on. This is true of oral cancer as much as anything else. A nasty condition which can be fatal, oral cancer can be spotted in its infancy by your dentist during one of their examinations. You might miss the signs if you are only relying on home examinations.

If you feel anxious about visiting your Molesey dentist then you should do your best to overcome the problem, perhaps by arranging an informal visit to meet with him or her in order to discuss your issues.