Dental Bonding Offered by Shepperton Dentist

Shepperton dentists have been performing dental bonding for many years, and may suggest bonding to fix front teeth, or teeth with dental caries, spaces between them, and malposed teeth. Exposed root surfaces can also be covered using dental bonding, Minimal tooth structure requires removal and sometime the tooth surfaces only need to be roughened a bit for the bonding to take hold. The bonding material uses an acid etch material, which is thoroughly rinsed and dried, and then unfilled and filed composite materials that blend with the natural tooth surface colour. A special light is used to help set the bonding material, and then the material is shaped and polished using drills and polishing stones. Dental bonding can be performed in one dental visit and rather quickly (from 45 minutes to one hour); however it is technique and moisture sensitive. Your Shepperton dental staff will teach you how to take care of the dental bonding material on your teeth, and how to keep your teeth clean.