Dealing with dental anxiety in Molesey

Dental anxiety in Molesey is a serious problem for both dentists and patients. It can make giving the treatment very difficult for the dentist and depending on the level of anxiety, it can make the patient avoid important treatment altogether. Whatever has caused the fear of dental procedures (childhood horrors, personal experiences, etc), it is very important to face up to these fears in order to maintain good oral health in the long run. The first stop is the dentist. It’s important to find one you feel comfortable with; ask friends, work-mates and neighbours. Some dentists are trained in anxiety problems so it is important to have a consultation, express your fears and build up a relationship with your dentist- become trusting of the person that’s going into your mouth. It’s important that you put yourself in control of the treatments you have and take things step by step. Research sedation and anaesthetic techniques as there are many on offer to diffuse any pain or anxiety; hypnotherapy and relaxation practises are a lot more commonly used in modern dentistry. Once you have armed yourself with information and are satisfied with the treatment on offer, go for it. Get an early appointment so you’re not made to wait and take someone with you for company. It’s all about taking control of your life and your actions and don’t let yourself be bullied into some fake allegiance to your dentist if you’re not happy with the treatment you have had. You can change your dentist- there’s one out there for you somewhere!