Custom-made Dental Bridges from Worcester Park Dentist

If you have gaps in your teeth, then you might want to consider getting a dental bridge. Considered to be one of the most effective solutions to replacing missing teeth, dental bridges can prevent worsening of the gaps as well as improve chewing and bite.

Dental bridges can actually be supported by implants, natural teeth or combination or both. They can also be classified into traditional or bonded dental bridges. In addition, they can be made from porcelain or metal alloy-porcelain.

There are also different types of dental bridges:

• Cantilever – held by one or several crowns on just one side
• Maryland-bonded – a type of bonded dental bridge that features a winged- metal framework; also referred to as resin-bonded dental bridge
• Traditional – attachment of the false teeth to the natural teeth or implants located on the sides of the space, filling the gap.

Compared to bonded bridges, traditional bridges are considered to be more expensive because the teeth adjacent to the space or gap will require more preparation. On the bright side, they are definitely more durable. Of course, with the assistance of your Worcester Park dentist, you can easily choose which dental bridge will meet you needs as well as budget.

The entire process will most likely require at least two visits: the first one will involve the preparation of the teeth and making impressions and the succeeding visits will involve the fitting of the dental bridge.

Typically, a dental bridge from The Mulberry dental can last for as long as 15 years as long as you provide it with proper attention and care. An excellent hygiene program is required along with proper diet and regular visits to your dentist.