Cosmetic Dentistry, what is it exactly and is it for me? A Kingston upon Thames dentist advises

When we think of the word `Cosmetic`, we tend to think in terms of face lifts and breast augmentation, says a Kingston upon Thames dentist. Not many of us think of it as being part of a dentist’s duty, these days though, cosmetic dentistry is just a routine procedure and one that can sometimes be carried out during a lunch break. Not all dentists specialise in this treatment, and that by the way that is exactly what it is; a treatment to fix a problem. That problem can be anything from a discoloured tooth to a cracked, chipped or misaligned one, don`t let the word cosmetic put you off as these problems are all too often fixed with a cosmetic treatment. Take a chipped, cracked or discoloured tooth alone, a veneer can be sculptured by a cosmetic dentist in less than 30 minutes using a method called CEREC. You can literally walk into an appointment with a damaged tooth, and walk out an hour later with a veneer, crown or inlay having been made to order, and then fitted to the tooth. With this method all the work is done in-house just for you, by a cosmetic dentist. If you had to have a tooth extracted and you wanted a permanent false tooth instead of a denture, then a cosmetic dentist would be your choice, the same goes for teeth whitening. With teeth whitening there are various methods you can get done on the High Street without a dentist in sight, but if you want a really professional job done, then a cosmetic dentist should be consulted.