Coping with Dental Pain in Surrey

There are many reasons attached to dental pain but whatever the problems, it can be very uncomfortable and may require treatment from a Surrey dentist to put it right. One of the main causes is tooth decay and will normally be fairly advanced when the pain manifests itself; it can be an annoying throbbing, sensitive to temperature or be a shooting pain during eating. Dangerously, decay can lead to an abscess forming, causing the face to swell and the possibility of blood poisoning. Other pains can come from a chipped tooth rubbing against the tongue and cheeks. Most pains can be countered with painkillers, anesthetic gels or herbal remedies, even antibiotics, but it doesn’t remove the fact that treatment is required at the dentists. Dental procedures too can involve a bit of pain, but if you are anxious about being treated, it would probably be wise to discuss these fears so that you could choose the type of anesthetic that suits you and makes the treatment easier. There are many sedation techniques used by dentists these days ranging from a simple injection to being ‘put under’ completely. Of course, intense treatments can leave you with some discomfort once the anesthetic has worn off. If this is likely, the dentist can offer you an analgesic to take until the teeth settle down.