Confront your dental phobia with help from Sunbury dentist

Your hands are shaking. The sweat is pouring down your forehead and your heart is racing at a million miles an hour. You’re looking towards the door, wondering if there’s till time to make a run for it. If any of these feelings sound familiar when you visit the dentist, then the chances are you are suffering from dental phobia. In fact, for some people, the fear of the dentist is so great that they don’t even make it this far, preferring to avoid the problem altogether. This could be having a very detrimental effect on the health of their teeth. But dental phobia is something that patients are increasingly overcoming.

Many dental phobias have their roots in unpleasant experiences at the dentists, possibly during childhood, but the reality is that dentists have changed a great deal in the last twenty years. Dental surgeries are no longer the formidable and hostile places they used to be. Modern dentistry places a much greater emphasis on patient comfort and care than the extraction-happy dentists of the past.

In many cases, patients simply need to talk to a modern dentist to realise the changes that have been made. Today’s Sunbury dentists are much more understanding of patients needs and fears than they were in the past and will be happy to talk through your fears and address as many of them as possible prior to your appointment. They can also offer many other relaxation tips and therapies such as aromatherapy and breathing exercises. These have been proven to relax patients prior to treatment, allowing them to confront their fears and even overcome them.