Choosing a dental bridge in Surbiton

If you’ve lost a tooth or some teeth recently in Surbiton, chances are you’ll want to get replacements and for oral health reasons, you probably should. It’s not always necessary to replace a tooth but such a loss can have a negative impact on the teeth that are left- they can move and with that can come all manner of complications. In extreme cases, the face can sag, the gap can look ungainly in the mouth and it can lead to gum disease and other tooth loss. One course of action is a dental bridge. It’s important to consult with your dentist to get the one that suits you. They are made of varying material from porcelain to metal, even gold and depending on the location of the mouth, there are three major types of bridge to choose from. The most common type in use is a false tooth that is attached to two crowns and cemented to the remaining adjacent teeth. A cantilever allows the replacement to be attached to one tooth only with a wire and the bonded over, and the Maryland bridge is a plastic gum and tooth that is bonded to the adjacent teeth with wires. For extra strength, bridges can be used in conjunction with implants, depending on what you are prepared to pay and depending on your requirements, a porcelain bridge can start from as little as £600.