CEREC technology at Molesley dentists revolutionises dental procedures

Many people put off going through a dental procedure they know they need because of the time it might take. If you have a busy schedule, perhaps because of family and work pressures, then the thought of spending a whole morning or afternoon at the surgery might simply not be practical. For those who feel anxious about visiting the dentist then the thought of long procedures can have a similar effect. Thankfully, CEREC techniques are speeding up dentistry in a way that would have seemed impossible in the past.

CEREC techniques harness the very latest in cutting edge computer technology to make dental procedures more efficient. For example, porcelain crowns can be fitted faster than ever before. Your dentist will take a digital x-ray of your mouth and the data will be immediately saved to a computer. The data is then sent to an online milling machine which constructs the porcelain crown in little over five minutes, ready to be fitted.

In the past there would often be long waits as multiple x-rays had to be taken and then developed in labs, let alone the inconvenience of having mould taken and then made into impressions. CEREC techniques signal an end to all that. Despite the use of such cutting edge technologies, procedures which use CEREC do not tend to cost any more than traditional practices.

If you need some dental work done but have trouble fitting it into your busy life, or feel anxious about long visits to the surgery, talk to your Molesley dentist today. You might find that the work you need doing can be carried out far quicker than you ever imagined thanks to the revolutionary techniques offered by CEREC.