Cerec dentistry; what is it exactly? From a Sunbury dentist

Next time you`re at the cinema or watching a futuristic movie on DVD, don`t be too impressed with the script writer’s ideas of future medical advances, says a Sunbury dentist. The future you see is already here, especially in the field of dentistry advances and Cerec is the latest idea that has come to fruition. It is a simple method of doing in a single visit to the dental surgery, what has in the past taken weeks to accomplish. In that I mean cosmetic dentistry made simple and fast. Let’s take a typical situation; you visit your dentist because you have a chipped, cracked, discoloured or misaligned tooth. The dentist will take digital 3D photos of the tooth from different angles, and then as you sit in the chair having a cleanup, this information is fed into a computer attached to a milling machine. The miller is automated and will tell the dentist what type of blank ceramic block to choose and place in position. The machine will then model the block into a unique ceramic veneer, inlay, onlay or crown for that tooth. Instead of a silver coloured filling you can now have a specially modelled white ceramic inlay cemented in the hole. The modelling of a veneer or crown can take just 7 minutes to half an hour to make, then the dentist will polish colouration into the piece to match the rest of your tooth line. Finally, they will cement the crown, inlay or veneer in place, and all in one visit. This science is not in the future, it is right here and right now. All of the work is done on site, so to speak, and the results are instant.