Cavities can be a problem, see a Mosley dentist to discuss the best way to avoid them.

Dental cavities or caries are more widely known as tooth decay, it is a disease in which bacterial processes target and damage the hardened tooth structures dentin, enamel and cemetium and over time as the tooth is continually damaged it produces holes in the teeth. Though it can be sorted out with a few trips to the dentist if left untreated it can have serious connotations if left untreated leading to: severe pain, infection, tooth loss, and in very severe cases death. Avoid running the risks of having dental cavities, Molesey dental practices deal with cavities and offer all the consultation and treatment you should require. Some who have cavities may not even be aware; the first initial signs of a cavity are exhibited by small chalky white spots on the surface of the tooth which is due to demineralisation of the enamel. As time elapses the legion may turn brown, but will eventually turn into a cavity, up until the cavitation the process is reversible however once it has taken formation it will not grow or regenerate back to its previous state. Once the dentin and enamel become destroyed the cavity will become very noticeable, both in terms of appearance and pain as all the nerves in the tooth are exposed. The creation of dental cavities require four main factors in order for carious formations to occur, first a tooth`s surface is required, fermentable carbohydrates such as sucrose and sugars which are found in most foods, cavity causing bacteria and time.