Caring for Our Teeth the Inter-Dental Way in Worcester Park

You can go out in Worcester Park and get the best toothbrush that money can buy, but it will not get in between your teeth, where the evil of plaque loves to ply its trade.

Now in all reality, plaque will always be around in your mouth and if it gets out of control, it will lead to gum disease and tooth decay. The most dangerous areas that it can grow are where the teeth make contact with each other- the place where your brush won’t reach, so you have to clean inter-dentally in order to save your teeth.

This is often a little difficult, but there are some very nifty little gadgets on the market to help you get by. Dental floss is the most common and it can be worked between the teeth and up under the gums to remove bits of food that may be lodged there, as can dental sticks. Inter-dental brushes are wonderful for slipping between the teeth just where the gums meet and pushing food out and away from the gums and teeth. Mouthwashes are very good for the final rinse, to clear away any left over food from the surface of the teeth.

It is possible to buy irrigation devices as well that clear out food, much in the same way as a mouthwash can except with more power. Of course, these are not designed to replace that beautiful new brush that you have just gone out and bought, far from it, but by using all these things together, plaque hasn’t got a chance, and if it does, you always have your dentist to call on.