Can veneers be replaced more than once; we ask a Weybridge dentist

A Weybridge dentist has advised that veneers can be replaced more that once, but only certain types of veneers. A veneer in the normal sense is just a thin crown that covers a defect on a tooth, which could be anything from a chipped tooth, to a crack or discolouration. A misaligned tooth is not usually covered by a simple veneer, although a porcelain veneer is sometimes used in such cases. With thin veneers the case is that they can be replaced, and usually there is not a problem with them being replaced time after time. They last just 3-5 years anyway so they have to be able to be replaced quite often, it is usual to replace any damaged ones during this period anyway. Porcelain veneers are slightly different in that they aren’t made or used for multiple changes, they last 10-15 years in most cases and after that they are easily replaced in a few sittings. The problem with porcelain ones is that the actual tooth they are covering needs to be trimmed down in thickness quite a bit, this leaves not a lot of tooth left to place a new veneer on, although this is quite easily done after the 15 years lifespan of the original. The third one is usually the problem tooth, but even then a coating of a porcelain paste can be used to build up the thickness again. This is then ground down to facilitate the new veneer and make a good bonding, with all the sides sealed up to prevent infections getting in. Veneers are very flexible in their use and this is what makes them so popular with patients and dentists, they can also be polished to take off any staining that may occur, but not if the stains are too deep.