Bleeding gums in Surbiton

In Surbiton, as like anywhere else in the country, bleeding gums are an indication that something is going wrong in the mouth and it can expose the mouth and body to bacteria and infection. But there are more serious scenarios that surround the condition. If you suffer from stress, it can lead to an imbalance of hormones (as in pregnancy) and this can manifest itself through the gums. More serious is that it can, in extreme cases, indicate cancer. It could be that you are suffering from gum disease and there are tell-tale signs of this; swollen or sore gums, receding gums leading to loose teeth, and bleeding after brushing. This can be down to poor oral hygiene allowing the build up of plaque and tartar. If this is allowed to go unchecked, it makes the body vulnerable to heart disease, diabetes, breathing dysfunction and problems with digestion.

It further enhances the need to have regular check-ups at a dentist. They will be able to offer advice on good hygiene like brushing and flossing, what to avoid- tobacco and heavy drinking, as well as advising you, if you really need to be told, on the importance of diet. A dentist can also rectify gum disease and put a stop to bleeding gums.