Bedtime Bottles in Sunbury Could Harm Your Child

Parents will be surprised to learn that most  dentist do not recommend giving children a bedtime bottle for this could lead to tooth decay. Keep in mind that tooth decay may go unnoticed until it is too late to save your child’s teeth.

Health experts have always advised parents to wean their child from the bottle after six months, encouraging them to use a feeding cup instead. If ever you have trouble accomplishing this, make sure you follow these rules:

• If your child needs a bottle to give him comfort during the night, it is best to give him water in a feeding bottle instead.
• If you can not avoid giving your child milk at night time, make sure you do not allow your child to fall asleep with the feeding bottle in the mouth
• Give you child water after every bottle feeding in order to remove the sugar on his teeth

Of course, proper oral care hygiene program should be implemented as soon as your child’s teeth appear. This should include:

• Regular visits to the dentist
• Fluoride supplements
• Avoiding sweets and juices
• Brushing teeth regularly

Eating healthy food such as vegetables, meat, cereals and fresh fruits is also recommended to strengthen your child’s teeth. Recommended snacks include:

• Bananas
• Carrot sticks
• Rice cakes
• Plain popcorn
• Crackers
• Cucumber
• Breadsticks
Your child’s dental health will rely on how you take care of his teeth. You can always ask your Sunbury dentist for advice regarding the proper care of your child’s teeth.