Beautiful smile with Lumineers from Sunbury dentist

There have been many innovations that have changed the face of modern dentistry. One of the latest is Lumineer veneers, a form of porcelain tooth cap so thin it requires barely any pre-treatment and no enamel removal before they can be fixed onto your teeth. As well as completely changing the appearance of the teeth, they also add an extra layer of protection to the teeth to protect them form damage and further discolouration.

Dental veneers have been used for decades to improve the appearance of the teeth and smile. They are mostly used to restore the size and shape of damaged teeth and to cover teeth that have been badly stained or discoloured. These are problems that affect millions of people each year in the UK. This means that although they are quite expensive, veneers are a very popular way of restoring your teeth to their former glory. As well as being very effective, veneers are also very hard wearing and last for many years if properly cared for.

Using the old-style veneers, it was often required that dentist removed some of the healthy tooth enamel to allow the veneer to fit comfortably over the top of the existing tooth. This was never an ideal situation as dentists often hated to remove healthy enamel unless absolutely necessary. Now, using Lumineers, the dentist can simply attach the new veneer using a thin layer of dental bonding. The tooth structure remains intact and the tooth is restored and protected. Lumineers are so thin, about the same width as a contact lens that they can even fit over the top of existing dental work.

Lumineers from a Sunbury dentist could be just the answer to all your dental health needs. Ask your dentist at your next check up to see what they could do for you.