Battling with your Breath in Surbiton with Mulberry Dental Care

There are many things that the people of Surbiton think in unsociable and sadly, if you suffer from bad breath, it’s going to be high on their list. The first thing you need to do when someone has ‘politely’ pointed it out to you is get along to the dentist and see if you are suffering from tooth decay or gum disease, for these are just two of the contributing factors to having bad breath, and then get your mouth repaired. Then you need to focus on your oral hygiene and it clearly has to change: change your routine and get new products, and then employ some herbal remedies as well, as they tend to re-address the balance of the mouth. You must keep the saliva levels up in the mouth, as this is the body’s natural defence in the mouth against the bacteria: chewing sugar free gum and sweets can help keep these levels up. Then you must stand back and take a long hard look at the way you live your life: habits such as smoking and drinking must be cut down on, but it is your diet that is very important here. A strong and healthy diet means a strong immune system and so the body has the strength to fight off anything that may go wrong in your body. However, if you have tried everything and the condition still persists, then you must confer with your doctor, as it could mean that the problem is more serious than was first suspected. For more information on fighting bad breath, you should contact Mulberry Dental Care.