At home teeth whitening check with your shepperton dentist

While most people choose the “one-time-and-done” teeth whitening approach connected with on-site treatment, quite a few people favour at-home procedures. These vary from your dentist-dispensed prescription systems to OTC products like whitening strips.
The more successful at-home whitening methods make use of a prescription-potent gel system that your shepperton dentist makes available to you. The majority of kits have mouth trays into which you pour in the whitening substance and put over the teeth for varying lengths of time, from a couple of minutes to all night long.
There is a significant variation in application times for the different at-home products given by your dentist in sheperton. Application times of about 30 to 60 minutes, one or two times a day are normal; you can see the results in less than three days, but usually the full results are obtained in about 5-10 days time.
The benefits of at-home kits lie in the cost and the potential to re-treat teeth as required. While it takes more time, most people discover that ultimately the at-home whitening results are on balance with on-site treatments.
Over-the-Counter Whitening Systems
Whereas the dentist-supplied at-home whitening products have proven more successful in comparison to other at-home alternatives, you may select a more economical over-the-counter kit for teeth whitening. These kits may have application trays and whitening gel, or whitening strips, which you put on your teeth’s surface.
Whitening has grown so popular that a number of mouth rinses and toothpastes now have whitening agents. Although toothpaste whitening is a cheap option, it is not very effective. Toothpastes may be rough and coarse to the enamel, and can just get rid of stains on the tooth surface without really enhancing your teeth’s whiteness.
Your sheperton dentist can assist you in deciding which teeth-whitening brand may be best to achieve your aesthetic objectives.