Ask a Mulberry dentist about prevention of dental injuries

Distressing dental injuries are very common and can lead to many long-term physiological and psychological problems. Knocked out, chipped and cracked teeth can be very painful and often hard to repair. Over 40% of dental injuries occur while playing sport, especially high physical risk sports such as rugby, skiing and almost anything that involves a ball.

Dental injuries can also occur even when the resulting damage is not as obvious as a lost tooth. Secondary damage to the jaw and head can result from a trauma to the mouth so it always wise to seek advice from your dentist after receiving a blow.

Treatment for dental injuries can be costly, painful and drawn out and can even involve surgery. While dentists can help repair nay damage that occurs there is a safer and cheaper alternative. To avoid the eventuality of dental injury,Mulberry dentist recommend that you use a mouth guard when paying any form of high-risk physical activity.

There are a number of mouth guards commercially available in sports shops but they vary in quality and don’t allow for the structure of the individual’s teeth. It is highly recommended to have a guard individually measured and molded by a¬†Mulberry dentist to offer the greatest degree of protection. For children, it is important to remember to change the mouth guard regularly to accommodate for growing teeth.