An end to infection with root canal treatment from Weybridge dentist

The pain caused by an infected tooth can be extremely unpleasant and severe. Just asked anyone who has experienced it. That is why a root canal treatment is such an important procedure in dentistry. The procedure has a somewhat fearsome reputation as far as dental treatments go, but this may be attributed somewhat unfairly because of the intense pain and discomfort that creates the need for the root canal in the first instance.

Teeth become infected when the enamel has been worn away due to decay caused by plaque. This exposes the dentine and sensitive pulp to attack from bacteria, which will eventually penetrate deep into the tooth root and irritate the dental nerve. An infection soon takes hold in the root, which causes further pain, abscesses and ultimately tooth loss. In cases of infection, a root canal treatment can remove the infection, clean the sensitive insides of the tooth before repairing any damage. This not only brings an end to the pain and the dangerous infection but can also be the only chance of saving the tooth. Even if the nerve has been damaged so severely that it has died, a root canal is still capable of preserving the functional structure of the tooth.

The treatment itself involves drilling a hole into the root canal to allow the dentist to remove the infected material. Once thoroughly cleaned and filled with medicine to prevent any residual infection, the hole can then be filled with dental bonding and in some cases the tooth crowned to further strengthen its structure. The treatment will usually take place over a number of appointments but has a very high success rate and given the nature of the symptoms of infection, is certainly worth the time it takes for a complete treatment. If you are suffering from any of the signs of dental infection or believe you may have an infected root canal, make an appointment to see a Weybridge dentist who can explain root canal treatment in further detail.