An end to anxiety for nervous patients at Sunbury dentist

Nervous patients can often present a problem for dentists because somebody who is extremely anxious in the dentist’s chair can be very difficult to treat, especially when trying to carry out sensitive and intricate dental repair work. But there are ways to help patients relax before appointments to enable them to receive the treatment they need without any problems.

Nervous patients and patients with dental phobia are surprisingly common in the UK. In fact as many as 90 per cent of people admit to having some fear or trepidation when it comes to visiting the dentist. In most cases this is easily overcome and patients are able to relax. However, in some instances, patients are unable to control their anxiety either in the chair or avoid treatment altogether. This can have very serious detrimental effects on their dental health and can even lead to the need for more treatment in the future.

Many anxious patients find that simply talking to the dentist is enough to help them calm down before treatment. Knowing what to expect during treatment removes the fear of the unknown that is one of the main causes of anxiety. There are other methods such as using aromatherapy and breathing techniques to help patients relax.

Ask your Sunbury dentist about relaxation methods prior to treatment if you suffer from an excess of anxiety about visiting the dentist. It is important that you try to conquer your fears and receive the necessary dental treatment. By working together with your dentist it is possible to find a way which helps you to overcome your fears.