A Worcester Park Dentist Explains Orthodontics

A Worcester Park dentist looks at the work of an orthodontist, focusing on the re-alignment of occlusions (the coming together of the teeth), or jaw positions, that can affect the growth of teeth, tooth loss, over and under bite, and crooked and misaligned teeth. Such occlusions can lead to severe health issues such as gum disease, teeth grinding (bruxism), jaw stress, headaches, earache, sinus and eye strain and even neck and back pain. (If bruxism is the cause of the worn teeth, it would have to be addressed before any re-constructive work could be carried out). From a young age, the problem is tackled by the use of braces to align crooked teeth, which also looks good cosmetically once the treatment is complete. Varying designs of braces can be used depending on the individual and are attached to the teeth, pulling them slowly into alignment and refining the occlusion. Oral hygiene is important to the success of this procedure. But as we get older, our teeth will wear and in some cases, fall out, which will affect the ‘bite’ of the jaw and put stress on it, causing the problems already mentioned. Treatment comes in many forms depending on the level of the problem. With a missing tooth, the orthodontist can offer a dental implant whereby a false tooth is attached to a fixture screwed into the jaw. Alternatively, a bridge can be used, a false tooth being joined to two adjacent teeth. If the teeth are chipped or worn, crowns can be fitted, but if the teeth are in reasonable shape, a brace will be used to re-align the occlusion.