A Surrey practice backs Dental Implants in Weybridge

A few of us in Weybridge may be wary of having dental implants as in the past, it was a very intricate procedure that took months and months to recover from, but as a Surrey practise is quick to point out, dental implant procedures have advanced tremendously with wonderful technology. In the past, the treatment was done with scalpels, drills and stitching of the gums, but with modern lasers and healing aids, you can have a titanium implant placed into the jaw in a matter of hours and seeing as a laser burns a tiny hole through the gum and into the bone, there is minimal damage, quick healing and no need for stitches. As with all alien additions to the body, there will be a recovery period, but this is really minimal, especially with mini-implants. The thing about having dental implants though is that they offer more freedom to the wearer than those who opt for bridges or dentures. When they are fitted, they will last for life, it is only the crowns that may break down, in which case, they are simply replaced. They are also free of the normal infections and problems that threaten a normal tooth and root. If you want this, you should consult your dentist and set up a payment plan in order to spread the costs, but you’ll never look back once it’s done.