A Surbiton Dentist Can Provide Alternative Remedies for Sleep Apnoea

Chances are, if you have sleep apnoea, your doctor may recommend using a CPAP. As you may be aware, this device will force air into your lungs while you are sleeping. Unfortunately, many people are unable to adapt to these devices. You may want to try a far less invasive treatment that is currently offered by your Surbiton dentist.

In most cases, Oral Appliance Therapy will make it very easy for you to stop snoring. Without a question, you will appreciate being able to sleep without having to hear a machine running by your bed all night. At the same time, you will not have to spend money on CPAP masks, which require replacement on a regular basis.

When you visit your dentist, they will do a number of tests in order to determine which type of device will work best for your mouth. For example, your dentist may determine that it is best to push your jaw forward it night, in order to allow more room at the back of your throat. On the other hand, your dentist may also want to try a device that will keep your tongue down, as well as one that will raise the upper back portion of your mouth. While you may have some side effects from using these devices, they may still be more comfortable than wearing a CPAP mask.

Even though your doctor may not recommend dental appliances for sleep apnoea, you may still want to try them out. At the very least, you can save a good bit of money, as well as enjoy sleeping without all the disturbances caused by a CPAP. That said, you should discuss a number of issues with your dentist, including how these dental appliances may affect any work that has been done on your teeth.