A Root Canal treatment can solve many problems. A Molesey dentist tells all

When we hear the expression Root Canal it sends a shiver down the spine, mainly because comic dentists in movies use it to get a laugh, says a Molesey dentist. Well, it isn`t a laughing matter when people get a phobia about a simple, painless treatment that solves a painful problem in patients. It is all about infections really, we all get infections at one time or another, some infections can work their way deep into our teeth. A bacterium has a way of finding all our weak points, and in many of our teeth we have an inner chamber that is susceptible to infections. A bacterium gets in there and festers quickly, we take antibiotics that settle it down, but it’s often just a temporary measure. A Root Canal treatment is the only way to really solve this reoccurring problem and keep the tooth. Firstly the dentist will deaden your tooth, then they will drill out all of the middle of the tooth, this is a good alternative to losing the tooth altogether. Once the inner chamber is exposed, the dentist will scrape out all the bacteria and any damaged nerve tissue. This is all completely painless by the way, then they will sterilise the chamber to kill off any hidden bacteria. Finally, the dentist will fill the entire cavity with an antibacterial material; this will set as a solid substance and completely seal the hole. That should solve the problem of any future infections, and as I have already said, the name of the treatment shouldn`t put you off having it. Consult your dentist first and allow them to explain the whole procedure to you, it will make it a lot easier to handle, and you`ll be pleasantly surprised to hear from the dentist that it isn`t so bad after all.