A Kingston-upon-Thames dentist explains all about dental sealants for children

Dental sealants are usually given to children who are between 6 and 10 years old, it is a measure that protects their teeth from further damage caused by acid production and normal wear and tear. The cavities that cause the problems are usually on the teeth at the back of the mouth, this is normally due to a couple of reasons, firstly these teeth are the most common used to chew food, secondly these teeth are hard for children to clean as most tooth brushes are too big to get into the cavities and eliminate the bacteria deep in the tooth. The solution is a simple one though and it works very well, it lasts for about 10 years and is also easily repairable during that time. Similar to a normal filling the tooth is numbed and the cavity is cleaned with a drill, then the cracks are cleaned out to get rid of any hidden bacteria. Acid is then brushed into the cavity and left for a few minutes; this is to give the next stage a better bonding surface. The acid is rinsed with a water spray, and then the area is air dried to make sure it is completely dry. The plastic solution of the filler is brushed on using a hard, short bristled brush, then that solution is bombarded with an intense light source to set it hard. If it cracks or becomes chipped it can easily be repaired using the same method. This method is a very successful way of protecting the teeth of our children in their most vulnerable years; it doesn’t mean though that we can be lax in their oral hygiene care. They need to floss and brush as usual to prevent other problems, and make their teeth last well into their adulthood.