The 6 Months Smile in Worcester Park: learn the facts from Mulberry Dental Care

Choosing braces can be a bit of a minefield in Worcester Park so you may need some detailed advice and by contacting Mulberry Dental Care who serves the area, you can get all the information you need. Firstly however, you should ask about the 6 months smile as this brace is proving itself to be one of the best all round treatments in the market place right now. On paper, it looks and works like traditional fixed braces but that’s where the comparison stops and it can multi-task when it comes to solving a lot of issues such as cross, over and under-biting and overcrowding. A number of subtlety coloured ceramic plates are placed on to the surface of the offending teeth and linked with a wire that anchors to the back of the mouth. This is tightened as the procedure goes along by your dentist, which keeps the teeth on the go. Cleaning is also an important factor with any fixed brace, so you need to get the hang of this from the beginning in order to keep the teeth free of bacteria throughout the treatment. Seeing as it works so fast with complete precision, it does what it says it can do on the label: this treatment can be over with in as little as 6 months!