Smile Makeovers & Veneers Gallery

This lovely gentlemen did not like the fact he could not see his teeth when he smiled. We improved the dental health of the teeth and gums and then carried out a cosmetic makeover to the top front 10 teeth. Now when he smiles you can see beautiful teeth which makes him look younger. His lower teeth were cleaned and lightened.

This lovely lady came to see me because she wanted to improve her smile. She felt embarrassed to smile and learnt to smile "without showing her teeth". She had suffered from antibiotic staining caused by tetracycline given to her as a child. The antibiotics affect the developing teeth and permanently stain them. Tooth whitening can only help very mild cases so I carried out 10 porcelain veneers to mask and improve her smile.

Carol did not like her smile. She had multiple different coloured crowns and teeth and did not like the gap at the front of her smile. She wanted a brighter, whiter more cosmetic smile which I achieved with porcelain crowns and veneers to her front 8 teeth.

This gentleman had severely worn down his teeth over many years I carried out extensive restorative work to re build his smile using endodontics (root canal treatment) and porcelain crowns. I had to completely rebuild the way his teeth bit together and create a whole new smile.

This lady had missing canine ("fang") teeth she had had previous cosmetic work done but was not happy with the result. I carried out a smile makeover to her top 8 teeth to create a much more beautiful smile. We managed to get her smile done before she got married.

This lady was getting married and did not like the colour of her teeth or her old "NHS crowns". I carried out deep tooth whitening on all her teeth and then replaced the two crowns (Teeth next to the upper front ones).

This gentleman was only 28 when I treated him and had worn down all his teeth a combination of fizzy drinks, grinding his teeth and stomach reflux problems. These 3 factors had made his teeth very weak, paper thin and very small. His dentist had tried to rebuild them but after several attempts the fillings kept breaking so he decided to come and see me for a consultation. We decided we needed to fully re build his teeth and placed porcelain crowns and veneers over all his teeth. He now has a lovely smile and teeth of the correct size. This treatment has also protected his own teeth from breaking down anymore.

This lady wanted a more cosmetic smile and did not like the porcelain bridges she already had in place. I carried out a smile makeover to her front 11 teeth to create a more cosmetic whiter natural smile.

Before seeing me this lady had had extensive dental treatment over a number of years resulting in multiple porcelain crowns of different colours and size. Black margins were showing at the gum lines making them look unattatractive. Her teeth also slanted. I rebuilt her upper smile and created a straight more cosmetic smile by treating her front 12 teeth.

This gentleman had broken his front tooth, I placed a single porcelain crown over that tooth to restore his smile and improve his confidence.

This gentleman had spaces occurring between his teeth and old porcelain crowns and bridges. He wanted a white bright smile. The teeth had begun to drift apart and this was due to gum disease. We treated and improved the gums before carrying out the cosmetic work. I completely rebuilt his old smile removing all the old restorations and creating a brand new top and bottom smile.

This gentleman had large fillings in all his front teeth. He did not like the colour of his teeth but although he wanted a new smile he wanted it to look natural. I carried out a very natural looking smile makeover to his front 10 teeth and whitened his teeth.

This lovely lady was very conscious of the fact she had missing incisor teeth and a small "peg" shaped tooth. She wanted a more cosmetic smile. I carried out whitening and porcelain veneers on her front 8 teeth to give her a lovely smile with correct shaped teeth in the right positions.

This lovely lady had very heavily filled decayed teeth, missing teeth and gum shrinkage. She wanted a natural full smile I carried out extensive work to all her teeth having to first remove all the tooth decay and then rebuild her smile.

This gentleman had a broken front tooth and did not like the shape of his two front teeth. I carried out 2 porcelain veneers and matched the colour to his natural teeth.

This gentleman had decayed, heavily filled and painful teeth. He did not the like the colour of his teeth and wanted a new younger smile. I removed all the fillings from his teeth and rebuilt his entire smile.

This lady had large fillings on her front teeth which she did not like. They were dull and stained. She wanted a bright white new smile. I rebuilt her front 9 teeth with porcelain bridges, crowns and veneers to give her a beautiful new smile.

This lady did not like the shape of her teeth or the colour. Her teeth were crooked and had white spots in them. She did not want to wear any type of braces so I carried out porcelain veneers to her front 8 teeth to give her a much more cosmetic look.

This lady came to see me after having extensive cosmetic treatment which she was unhappy with. She was very nervous after her previous experiences. Her gums were badly infected and bleeding. Her crowns were different colours and slanted. She had also had a dental implant placed. I removed all the existing restorations and decay but first had to improve her dental health especially the gums. I carried out a range of treatments to give a more cosmetic smile to her front 10 teeth. I am pleased to report she is no longer scared of coming to the dentist.

This gentleman had missing second incisors and wanted a brighter and whiter top smile. I carried out whitening to brighten all his teeth and then 8 porcelain veneers to improve the shape and look of his top smile.

This lady did not like the appearance of her two front teeth one of which was a dark porcelain crown. She was happy with the colour of her teeth so I replaced the porcelain crown with a more cosmetic metal free one and placed a veneer on the other front tooth to make them look more natural and symmetrical.

This gentleman did not like his two front teeth which he broke many years ago and were twisted. His dentist had stuck fillings on them which had discoloured over time. I placed 2 porcelain veneers on the 2 front teeth to improve the shape and size of them.