Teeth Whitening Surrey

Teeth Whitening procedures are all about bringing the natural sheen back to your smile. Dr Rital Patel is an expert in Teeth Whitening, and has tested every teeth whitening product available on the market, demanding nothing but the best treatments for his patients.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening is a series of dental procedures designed to gently whiten the colour of your teeth. This can vary from tooth whitening trays you can use at home to professional, in-chair whitening treatments, as well as some procedures that are a little bit in-between.

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This lady had two uncosmetic crowns on her second teeth. I whitened her teeth then matched the new crowns to her new shade of teeth so they blended in.

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Why Choose Enlighten teeth whitening?

Enlighten teeth whitening surrey - Teeth whitening - Mulberry Dental

Here at Mulberry Dental in Surrey, we use the latest Enlighten deep bleaching teeth whitening system. It is the only teeth whitening product that guarantees to make your teeth whiter than white and at least to B1 shade.

It is a hybrid treatment consisting of a two week treatment at home. This is then followed by a one hour dental appointment.

The proprietary gel has almost eliminated post-whitening sensitivity that can occur with many other teeth whitening systems available on the market.

Other whitening systems often leave patients disappointed with the results. However the Enlighten system delivers dramatic results time and time again

Dr Riten Patel

Why Choose Mulberry Dental for teeth whitening in Surrey?

Mulberry Dental in Surrey has expertise in teeth whitening and demand the best procedures available on the market. Dr Ritan Patel has tested every teeth whitening product available on the market to ensure that only the best system is used for his patients.

If you need further convincing, check out our smile gallery. The before and after photos of teeth whitening speak for themselves.

If you are considering teeth whitening in Surrey or the surrounding area, then feel free to book a free cosmetic consultation with Dr Patel to discuss your requirements.

Surrey Teeth Whitening - Mulberry Dental

This lovely lady had straight teeth but they were very yellow. The teeth whitening procedure brought the teeth up by 14 shades.

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