Orthodontics Gallery

This lady had very twisted, rotated and crowded teeth. She said she did not smile and wanted her teeth to look better. Her teeth were very crooked and her front teeth had chipped and worn down. I carried out about 18 months of Invisalign treatment whitened her teeth and carried out some cosmetic bonding to the tips of the front four teeth. She is very happy with her new smile. This was a very complicated case.

This lovely young man had braces as a child and was unhappy his teeth had moved. I carried out a 6 month smile treatment and whitened his teeth and repaired the chipped front tooth.

This young girl was constantly knocking her front teeth together and if they had been left untreated there was a high chance that they would break. I carried out 4 months of brace treatment using a removable appliance. This treatment has aligned her front teeth and created space for her other permanent teeth to grow. She will now need much less brace treatment in the future.

I used Invisalign treatment to straighten this lady's crooked teeth. Her front teeth really stuck out and she complained she did not smile. Her second incisors were very pushed back. Thjis treatment tooth about 12 months.

This gentlemen was unhappy with his crooked teeth and that his front teeth stuck out. Treatment took about 12 months.

This young lady was unhappy with the gap between her front teeth and was getting married so wanted a nicer smile for her wedding day. I used Invisalign to straighten her teeth and completed the treatment before her wedding she did not want the broken front tooth repaired as she felt it gave her smile character and felt it was "her smile".

This lady had crooked teeth and a narrow smile. I used Invisalign to correct her smile. Treatment tooth about 14 months.

This lady had crooked second incisors and a narrow smile. The front teeth were aligned and her smile widened to creat a beautiful finish using Invisalign.

This patient had a "reverse bite" (crossbite) and overlapping front teeth. I used to Invisalign to improve his smile.