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Dental Implants are a life changing dental procedure that can return strength, structure and function to your mouth. In Surrey, Dr Riten Patel is a highly experienced implantologist and offers Dental implants as a permanent solution for your missing teeth.

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This young lady has two missing front teeth there was very little space to place the implants so orthodontic / brace treatment was needed to move the teeth into a better position. Two implants were placed with prototype teeth so the patient no longer had any gaps. She is very happy with her new smile and has much more confidence.

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What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a process where a strong post made of titanium is fitted into your jawbone, allowing a replacement porcelain tooth can be added. A dental implant is essentially a substitute for a natural root and commonly screw or cylinder shaped.

Each dental implant is carefully placed into a socket drilled at the precise location of the intended tooth. Often the dental implant can be placed at the same time as removal of the tooth, all on the same day.

If a dental implant has a screw-thread on its outer surface it can be screwed into position and if it does not, it is usually tapped into place.

The main aim during installation of any dental implant is to achieve immediate close contact with the surrounding bone. This creates an initial stability, which over time is steadily enhanced by further growth of bone into microscopic grooves on the implant surface.

In order to support replacement teeth, dental implants normally have some form of internal screw thread or post space that allows a variety of components to be fitted.

Once fitted, these components provide the foundation for long-term support of crowns, bridges or dentures.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

There are many benefits to choosing dental implants:

  • Improved Function of the Mouth – Dental implants essentially function and are secured like normal teeth, so unlike dentures and other alternatives that can move around the mouth, dental implants allow you to eat and speak with more confidence.
  • Durable – High quality, high grade materials are used in all stages of the process, from the titanium post through to the tough material to make your replacement crown. If taken care of, a dental implant can last a lifetime and the related bridgework and crowns will last an average of 10-15 years.
  • Stronger Jaw – The titanium post that forms the main structure of your implant is designed to attach to your jawbone and foster bone growth around it, which can improve the shape and health of your face overall.
  • Comfortable – Dental implants are meant to replace a natural tooth, root and all, so once your treatment ends they should feel as comfortable and natural as a real tooth.

Why Choose Mulberry Dental for Dental Implants in Surrey?

What sets Mulberry Dental apart from other dental clinics in Surrey is the experience and skill of resident implant expect Dr Ritan Patel. A world class dentist with expertise in implantology, he is highly skilled in the use of dental implants to restore smiles and change lives.

For more examples, check out our smile gallery to see just a few of the stories of lives changed using dental implants.

If you are considering improving your smile or think that you could benefit from dental implant surgery, contact us today to Book your Free smile consultation with Dr Riten Patel at Mulberry Dental in Surrey.

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This lady had an implacted canine tooth, she had been to an orthodontist and the treatment had not worked. She was unwilling to try anymore orthodontic treatment so the impacted tooth was removed and a large amount of bone had to re grown . The new totoh looks very natural and she is very happy.

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