Dental Implants Gallery

This lovely gentlemen who was very nervous came to see me after asking his dentist for years to help him with his teeth and complaining that he was ashamed to smile. His teeth were loose and had suffered from severe periodontal disease. His upper teeth were very loose, his gums had shrunk exposing the roots and the current restorations were decayed, infected and failing. He also had no teeth at the back on his lower jaw which made it hard for him to eat. The first step was to remove all the decayed teeth and provide a full top denture. Bone re-growth was carried out and 5 dental implants were put in the top jaw and 4 dental implants in the lower jaw. A full upper bridge was provided giving the patient 14 teeth back at the top and 6 teeth to the lower jaw ( 3 teeth either side). The top bridge is permanently screwed in and lower bridges are cemented / glued in. The patient did not want a perfect smile so I created teeth had a more natural alignment and shape and colour. The after photos were taken 3 years after placing the new restorations.

This lady came to me as an emergency patient because she had broken her front tooth. She had had an accident several years ago. The x-ray showed the root was broken and there was a gap between the root and restoration. The root could not be saved. The root was removed and an implant placed at the same time a prototype bridge was made so this lady would never have a gap during the treatment. The bone was severley damaged so needed to re re-grown.

This young lady has two missing front teeth there was very little space to place the implants so orthodontic / brace treatment was needed to move the teeth into a better position. Two implants were placed with prototype teeth so the patient no longer had any gaps. She is very happy with her new smile and has much more confidence.

This lady had an implacted canine tooth, she had been to an orthodontist and the treatment had not worked. She was unwilling to try anymore orthodontic treatment so the impacted tooth was removed and a large amount of bone had to re grown. The new totoh looks very natural and she is very happy.

This lady had been seeing her dentist for many years and was unhappy that nothing was being done to treat the infected tooth. Once I had assessed her teeth the molar tooth had to be removed and a sinus grafting carried out (to replace missing and infected bone). The new tooth looks very natural and she is delighted with the result.

This lady had a front tooth which had gone dark and loose over many years. When I examined her there was severe bone loss and infection. I removed the tooth and placed bone to allow the area to heal. A prototype tooth was made so the patient had no gaps. The implant was placed four months after the bone re growth. The new tooth looks great and the patient is very happy, a very difficult case!

This young man had an accident and lost his front tooth, his dentist made a bridge but the tooth looked very crooked and the metal backing made the adjacent tooth very dark. The patient was very embarrassed to smile. I placed an implant and new crown whick looks very natural.