Zoom Teeth Whitening from Your Surrey Dentist Gives You Bright, Shining Teeth

Coffee, red wine, smoking and many other things gradually discolour our teeth. Even with the most rigorous dental hygiene routine, our teeth won’t stay bright white. While teeth whitening products have been available for some time, the technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and your Surrey dentist is now able to offer a faster, brighter and more durable whitener than ever.

Zoom teeth whitening is a specially formulated gel that bleaches the enamel and dentin of your teeth. The process is completely safe and there are options to do it at home or at your local dentist practice. Whether doing it at home or at the dentist, it is important to first visit your dentist for a consultation to make sure that Zoom is the best choice for you. Your dentist will be able to talk you through all the options. After the treatment you may find your teeth have a heightened sensitivity for a few days before returning to normal, except with a bright white colour.

For quickest results it is advised that you have the procedure with your dentist. They are able to use more powerful versions of Zoom that have a quicker and immediate effect. During the procedure your lips and gums will be covered as the high concentration gel is applied directly to your teeth. A specially designed Zoom power lamp is then used to heat the gel to the specific temperature at which it will set, the lamp will be used for about an hour. After the procedure you should have immediate results with shining, white teeth.