Your Sunbury Dentist Can Provide Treatment for Canker Sores

Unfortunately, once you start getting canker sores, they can come back at different points in your life. If you have canker sores, your Sunbury dentist may be able to help you manage them more efficiently. In particular, if you have frequent infections, your dentist can play a key role in helping you find the underlying cause. With some care, you may also be able to avoid this painful condition altogether.

Even though you may love the taste of spicy or acidic foods, they can wreak havoc with the delicate tissues inside your mouth. In many cases, canker sores are caused or intensified when you eat these foods. Aside from recommending that you stay away from these foods, your dentist will also look for rough or broken tooth surfaces that may be contributing to your canker sores. As may be expected, anything that causes breaks in the skin lining your mouth can leave the area open to infection.

If your canker sores are bothering you too much, your dentist can provide two different remedies. First, you may be given an antimicrobial rinse. This will help kill of the infection that is causing the sores. In some cases, the rinse may also include a mild pain killer that will also reduce pain. If the pain is severe, your dentist may decide to give you a corticosteroid ointment that give you some measure of relief.

While most canker sores go away on their own, it will still be to your advantage to see your dentist. At the very least, you will be able to find out of broken teeth or other dental problems are allowing bacterial infections to develop into canker sores. This is especially important to consider if the sores are recurrent. You will also find that your dentist can provide some remedies that will make your condition more tolerable.