You and your Child’s Oral Health in Sunbury

When you decide to settle down in Sunbury and have children, you are about to embark on what can be, a beautiful journey. But, it is going to be really hard work in the beginning as you have to ensure that your kid’s have a good healthy start to their lives and that is going to take a big effort and is no better portrayed than in their oral health. If you feed them a good balanced diet, there is no reason why their teeth shouldn’t be healthy too, but their teeth need constant monitoring, especially when they first break through. These delicate little teeth are very vulnerable to what’s called baby bottle decay, which essentially is when the teeth become covered with a film of foodstuffs and bacteria forms- and it will quickly if you don’t ensure that this film is removed: they can be brushed, flossed and the gums need massaging as well. Hopefully you will have a dentist around for regular check-ups and a paediatrician as well to monitor growth. Get this spot-on, and it will help the secondary teeth to come through healthy and should last them all of their life. As soon as is possible, you should get your child brushing and teach them the importance of oral hygiene. Of course, the problem as they grow is that they will love everything that’s bad for their teeth- all things sugary, and once they get to school, they will get up to all manner of eating habits behind your back. If you suspect your children are eating poorly when out of site, you have one final ace up your sleeve- you can have them fitted with dental sealants that will protect the surfaces from acid attacks. Mulberry Dental Care though based in Walton, serve the area and are a perfect sounding board for advice on caring for your children’s oral health.