Worcester Park Dentist Speaks Out About the Harmful Effects of Fizzy Drinks For Children

Your Worcester Park dentists will help your children prevent possible dental problems and maintain good oral health. They will also treat any dental problems that may exist in a comfortable atmosphere for your child. Our dental staff is very compassionate and understanding.Drinking fizzy drinks can damage your child’s teeth. These drinks contain a lot of sugar that is harmful to teeth. Even if your child drinks fizzy drinks that do not contain sugar, the balance of vital minerals that are essential for strong teeth are out of wick! Children, along with adults, require two and a half times more calcium in their diets than phosphorus for the proper development of teeth and bones. The high levels of phosphorus in these drinks used for carbonation and other functions, basically robs your child’s body of calcium, thus leading to teeth that are more susceptible to dental caries. Although many dentists suggest drinking fizzy drinks over sticky sugar candy, because the sugar does not adhere as strongly to the teeth, the downfall remains the imbalance of vital minerals in these drinks.

It is essential that your child learn how to clean the bacteria and plaque off of their teeth properly. Your Worcester Park dentist and dental hygienist can help to teach your child how to properly do this. You should watch your child brush to make sure that they do not swallow the toothpaste. So, bring your infant or child to your Worcester Park Dental Clinic to maintain their oral health.