Worcester Park dentist replaces missing tooth with dental implant

Having a tooth knocked out cannot only be a painful experience but it can also be the cause of long term emotional issues. Patients with missing teeth are often very embarrassed and reluctant to smile. Similarly, patients who have lost teeth to dental problems such as decay can suffer self-confidence and esteem issues. There are several options to replace missing teeth such as partial dentures and dental bridges, but one of the most popular is a dental implant. Patients like dental implants because they provide a feeling of permanency that closely represents a real tooth.

There are also physiological reasons as well as emotional ones why it is important to replace the tooth with a solid substitute. Because teeth act as rigid supports for facial muscles, if one is missing it can lead to a sagging of facial tissues. Existing teeth will be naturally inclined to lean into the gap left by a tooth which can cause uncomfortable alterations in bite and profile that are extremely difficult to reverse. A dental implant is the most sturdy alternative to a real tooth and can prevent any kind of unwanted facial alteration.

The actual implant is in the form of a small cylindrical screw, usually made of titanium or similar strong, lightweight metal suitable for use in the body. This is attached directly into the jawbone to act as an anchor for the artificial tooth. After this has been implanted it is usually left for a few weeks to allow it to fuse with the bone and gum in a process called osseointergration. Once this has happened a post will be attached to the screw and then finally the crown.

The implant being anchored into the jawbone gives a dental implant that extra stability that bonding and bridges do not have. The extra stability can be very reassuring for patients who are concerned about other dental appliances falling out. In fact, mini implants can also be used to secure dentures by using snap on/snap off metal clips. Because dental implants are so strong they do not prohibit the eating of certain foods which other artificial dental appliances can.

If you have a missing tooth or an existing dental appliance that needs fixing, make an appointment to see a Worcester Park dentist. The dentist will be able to assess your jawbone to see if it is strong enough to maintain a dental implant.