Worcester dentist talks about gum disease

Let’s find out what is gum disease. It is an infection of the tissues around the teeth and is associated with swelling and soreness .Gum disease now a day is very common and is seen irrespective of the ages .This is considered one of the most common causes of tooth loss in the elderly. If treated in the beginning, the dentist in Worcester park say that90% of the further complications can be preventable. Mainly there are two types of gum disease.
Gingivitis means there is inflammation of the gums. In this stage the gum is red in colour , swollen and very often they bleed while cleaning If left untreated usually the gums get separate from the teeth leaving a pocket behind.Periodontal disease.
Untreated gingivitis can turn in to periodontal disease. The number of types of periodontal disease is many and all of them affect the tissues that supporting the teeth. The dentist in Worcester Park will always emphasize importance of good oral hygiene to their clients because the Neglected periodontal disease can finally leads to lose teeth. Researchers say that more than tooth decay periodontal disease is the reason for the loose teeth.
The reason for the gum disease is plaque. Plaque is a coating of bacteria, mixture of food that forms on the surface of the teeth daily. Though most of the bacteria in plaque are harmless, a few of them have been shown to be the main causes of gum diseases. Other than this plaque there are few other factors that can lead to gum disease are
Smoking, there is an insufficient amount of oxygen in the blood stream and the blood flow to the gums are minimized so the infected gums fail to heal. Diabetes; Delay in healing of the gums .Hormonal changes; that is during pregnancy.
Signs and symptoms of gum disease.
Very often people does’t realizes that they have this problem because it is often painless and some people will have no symptoms.
Others will have bleeding gums while brushing the teeth, the gum are swollen and red in colour and few will have complaints of unpleasant taste or bad breadth
Management /treatment.
The treatment depends on the severity of the infection. In case of pure gingivitis the recommended treatment is cleaning the teeth thoroughly to remove the scale .Couple of sittings are required to clean all the surface of the teeth effectively. An antiseptic mouth wash will be prescribed. The patient will be taught how to brush and floss properly.
In case of severe infection the patient might require extensive scaling to get rid of the plaque. Several appointments with the dentist are required .If the gum disease is a serious one the patient might require surgeries by a periodontonist After all for a successful treatment it is very important to follow the dentist’s advice and make sure to remove the plaque daily.
Prevention of gum disease.
‘Prevention is better than cure’. The professionals in Worcester park says that Prevention is done by controlling the plaque by proper cleaning and flossing your teeth regularly. Quit smoking if you have the habit. Regular visit to the dentist and follow his suggestions..