Wisdom teeth removal – ask your Worcester park dentist

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that usually develop in a person’s mid-twenties. Sometimes these can be a valuable asset to the teeth and align themselves naturally. More often than not, however, they do not align and may need removing.

Wisdom teeth often align themselves so that they can damage existing teeth, the jaw or the nerves. Partially erupted wisdom teeth can cause recesses that are breeding grounds for bacteria and can lead to infection and other oral hygiene difficulties. They can also hinder effective brushing and flossing.

A Worcester park dentist will be able to tell if your wisdom teeth are misaligned. They will take periodical x-rays to assess the alignment of your wisdom teeth and can refer you to an oral surgeon should any action be required. They may say that the wisdom teeth need to be removed. This is easier and less painful the younger patient is and can help prevent greater and more painful problems arising in the future. The earlier you catch them the better so there is no reason to delay a check-up.

The ease of removal very much depends on the position of the wisdom teeth. For example a fully erupted wisdom tooth is no harder to remove than any other tooth but others may require more extensive surgery. Consult a Worcester park dentist to see if your wisdom teeth will cause you any problems in the future.