Wisdom teeth are wrongly named says a Surbiton dentist

Wisdom or compacted teeth are a very painful dental problem, and their removal can have long term side effects and infection problems. A Surbiton dentist says that these teeth don’t always need surgery; it is only in some cases that they actually become a problem and need to be removed. The teeth concerned are those at the back of the mouth which cannot grow and expand as they are compacted in their position. The removal is quite a feat for a dental surgeon to do, and the hole left has to be plugged with germ free lint. This dressing needs to be changed almost every day, and it is when the incision is opened up that germs can get in and cause problems. Quite why they`re called Wisdom Teeth no one really knows, but you will know when you have one that is a problem. They affect younger patients between 17 and 24 more than older patients. After the tooth is removed it is important that the patient be very vigilant to stop infection taking place, after a day the bleeding will generally stop, this is when the body`s defences clot the blood. It is not a good idea to rinse at this stage as to do so will often dislodge a clot and cause further bleeding. Just taking a mouth wash into the area and avoiding it from whirling around will help. Warm salt water bathing of the area or even a used tea bag on the area will also help, as the tea contains tannin. contact mulberrydental on 01932 223479 for a free conaultation.