Why Your Dentist Wants You to Quite Smoking in Sunbury

There is a really bad statistic floating about dental surgeries in Sunbury, which shows that smokers are more likely to lose their teeth than those people that don’t smoke- this is because smoking is destructive to the body on many levels.

Firstly it depletes the immune system, causing the mouth to suffer from poor saliva levels, which is needs to fight bacteria. Smoking is also a very good friend of gum disease and multiplies the chance of a person getting it and continual smoking during the disease also plays havoc on the chances of recovery.

So considering you are down the dentists regularly for check-ups and treatment, who better is there to help you try and quit, because after all, it is your dentist that will be battling to save your teeth in the long run.

Your dentist can first set you on a course to quitting, advising on patches, gum and sprays. Once you have shown signs that you are well on your way to quitting, your dentist will then be able to repair any damage done to your teeth and gums from smoking and then set you up with a new oral hygiene plan to cater for your new mouth.

Giving up smoking will not only boost your health, but also cut down the amount of times you are troubling your dentist with recurring problems caused by nicotine.