Why you should look at the Damon Brace in Kingston-upon-Thames

Some braces like to brag and boast about how clever they are, but once the treatment is over, they just kick you out the door and leave you cold. If however you decide to go for a Damon brace, it feels like you have joined an extended family. The Damon system is remarkable, as it seems to have all bases covered and it has two big philosophies behind the way it works. The first is total discretion and it uses materials which are almost impossible to spot when fitted, which is a huge bonus for anyone who knows what it is like to wear a fixed brace. The second advantage to this brace is that it is self-ligating- the wires slip through the brackets on the teeth freely…in common terms it means that because of the technology and engineering of the device, it tightens itself as your teeth start to move. What this means is that you pay fewer visits to the dentist and so, costs are hence reduced. It also means that the treatment is supremely quick and you can be done and dusted before you know it. The Damon brace is available right now in Kingston-upon-Thames and if you want more information about it, then contact Mulberry Dental because they serve the whole of the area.